Autumn in School

The words
They rake my ears
Mind is leaves
of fiberglass

Krooch! Shriek!
Styrofoam dry
Little sounds
They smear 
My mind.

I go from here to there.
Dead leaves ever
Surround me in my
Mind fresh and clear
Smoke drifts from
A nearby chimney

I'd like to jump
From the wreckage
But my mind 
Is the only

-------------- Author's Notes --------------

This is a poem about math class in the fall when the 
writing on the chalkboard and the teacher's voice and 
the shuffling of paper were painfully loud. 

-------------- editors notes ----------------

this is from the now defunct message board   a window on my mind 

it was under the heading autism so i assume the author
was autistic and seems male  .  .  .  the posting was anonymous.

i am the teflon girl... no one can stick with me.. they all fall away.. thier embraces don't take... i shrink beneath them and am gone.. i slide untouched through them all... i am alone unless his words should have slid like slick oil off the surface of my teflon heart instead they pierced it like three daggers crimson gold and blue and the ice inside that made me safe is melting bleeding across my chest over the swell of my stomach to pool at my feet and i will drown in it unless.... and the words i spoke should not have been true they never were before so i never spoke them but my dusty voice crept out of it's box past creaking hinges and the words flew like swallows to alight on him and i will choke on them unless no for a moment he can stop the tide or still the hurting beating of the wings but when he goes (as he must go) i will fall i will break (he cannot stay) i will shatter (i will not cage him) and the birds will drive me down as i fall gasping into the pool of blood and hot salt tears inhale... and.... i knew it would come he is worth it teflon girl