THE KISS GOODBYE (a poem I wrote about myself) She leant over the girl's body and kissed her goodbye even though she knew her well.... not a tear did she cry she stroked her golden blonde hair... stared into her pale ashen face ashamed to admit it - her life was a disgrace Then softly.. they did fall - her tears- like rain she thought her heart would break underneath all that strain she cried for that girl her hopes thoughts and dreams she cried for the girl her anger... fear and dreams she cried for the girl who dreamt of her one and only love she cried for the girl With Angels.. perched above she cried for that girl alone.. by herself She cried for that girl she was crying for herself. ************** The End She looked out her window to where he stood below casted her eyes down and stared into his "Goodbye" he said, clutching a rose in his hand She looked down, bewildered.. "But Why?" she sobbed, her heart felt like it was going to stop "Where are you going?" He spoke no words, and with all his strength he threw the rose She reached out her hands and caught it but dropped the rose - a thorn pricked her delicate finger.. With each drop of her blood the rose began to die Its rich red colour turned to black.. Washed with her tears the rose shrivelled.. The day he left her was the day she died ********** THE SILENCE OF THE WIND She sits alone beside her window the cold wind blowing her hair Shes caught with her memories of what never was. So she sits and cries letting the cold wind dry her tears and when its dark, she turns the light out and burns a single candle the candle flickers and when its done it burns itself out leaving nothing but darkness and the silence of the wind. the above poems are by sad angel