Must've been Nature Day all over.

We live on a long cul-de-sac of small houses with small front yards and large backyards. Our neighbors directly across the street from us have a beautiful maple tree out front. We have two huge pine trees.

Wednesday was a stormy day, and Glenn (her young son ed.) and I awoke Thursday to clearing fog. Our front view was the neighbors' red door in their little white house; stark against the remaining dark clouds behind it.

In relief against all this was their maple tree - with many leaves on it still; all the brighter against the wet bark.

The sunrise this time of year is quite angled - our front porch always in shadow - their steps in sun.

As the fog was breaking, slants of sunshine caught some of the maple's leaves. Wind furls of gold branches against the stability of the white house and movement of dark clouds behind, all framed by our pines.

All those colors were so vivid and distinct (and juxtaposition of movement around a quiet house) - like a child's model of nature.
Bold and simplistic.