eagle 1  (male or female?)  full body         eagle 1 head        eagle 1 claws

eagle 2  (young?)  full body         eagle 2 head        eagle 2 claws

these are tasmanian wedge - tailed eagles, an endangered species with only one to two hundred breeding pairs left !

i can only figure that one perched on the line and the other came to perch beside it and touched the other from a different line which would electocute them both

maybe just the wings flapping as the 2nd came to land

probably a major cause of fatalities amongst eagles their wings are so large

or maybe it happened as they took off

each on a different line and when they spread their wings they momentarily touched

only has to be for a fraction of a second

might be the most likely

oddly light but heavy

body has some meat on

but basically just chickens in construction


claws and heads are really impressive !

rather sad really, i see the odd pair soaring around here .. .

interestingly the female is the bigger bird !

i'm not sure it wasn't a parent with a younger bird tho !

imo another cause of fatalities is hunters leaving prey they have shot with lead bullets out, especially the guts as the lead fragments from the bullets move easily through the softer tissue

these eagles also eat carrion and if they eat that they can get lead poisoned as their gizzards grind the lead right up into tiny, better absorbed fragments.

it's a big  issue  in the U.S.A!

lead bullets should be banned and only solid copper bullets for rifles allowed !