i was reading some work of renate loll and her co-workers

and they were saying that time on the quantum level is extremely rough, 2 dimensional and fractal, and that sums or tiles to the classical characteristics of space time in the large which is macroscale and smooth

you go from quantum infinite possibilty to the large scale world as we know it by just paying attention on the small scale and observing and testing and doing things

that's how things improve because technically recovery is not possible in the large scale and we would all be dying

attention to detail and going outside your boundaries of what you don't want to do or look at, is were it's at, not large scale remedies like chelation and doctors or naturopaths cause there you are just dealing with what is possible but you need the the infinite potentiality of quantum space to get the the impossible to survive

there you are, some real thought and not bruce lipton phd tainted candyfloss/shit, and free, but to understand it and live it costs more than most are prepared to pay.

there is a modern and perhaps not so modern expectation of an easy fit between the key of our knowledge or received information and the lock of truth

but the nature of truth is that the fit is not easy and requires blood, sweat and tears and some luck to turn the lock usefully and its always like this

people will kill themselves or their children with chelation or 'detox' regimes following the false but easy theoredical and informational fit of various protocol's rather than do the serious hard work of effective diet and supplementation despite being warned

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