the sign things are right is you get small continuing improvements that never stop, not the big sudden improvements, they are from overdriving the system.

you may get regressions but you can relate it to things like viruses or the decreased nutrtional value of winter foods or lack of sun above 70 degrees altitude on the skin.

aging is an autistic process

in the end progress is surprsingly slow but each month seems to bring new consistent improvements overall that add up.

more rapid growth of hair and toenails is a good sign as these indicate the sulphur metabolism is functioning.

an unfortunate fact of life is that mothers with amalgams or are otherwise heavy metal toxic or have impaired thryoid function, have an impaired ability to problem solve thier childrens difficulties to such an extent that efforts go awry and unless attention is paid to thier own health ...............................................

showing symptoms from a viral illness like the flu where none was shown before points to a big improvement in the immune system, apparently healthy children who never show viral symptoms like colds and flu can be in fact be severly immune impaired.

symptoms are the body's work in fighting the infection. not supressing fevers unless temperatures are dangerously high (above 40.75C?) is important for this reason, the body raises its temperature to cut off the iron metabolism from the bugs and possibly accelerate the immune system enzyme defense response. i think high temps with a history of seizures are more dangerous.

improved tolerance of light

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