any woman planning to conceive would be advised to get a hair test and not proceed until there is a reasonably ordered minerals transport.

see 'hair test' in the compendium  index  this page comes from.

also read the other pages in that index, pregnancy has ceased to have a reasonable probablity of a good outcome in modern life, developmental disability is the norm.

inappropriate and overzealous use of  vaccines in the young and very young is creating a waste land

a thyroid antibody test is very indicative of health issues

if you are planning pregnancy and have mercury amalgam fillings in then it's at least two years from removal of the amalgams before pregnancy is advisable. the problem is it is not simply the need for time to enable the mercury levels to drop but the internal organs need to recover from their damage and supplementation is needed to assist organ recovery. ionic silver clinging to nerves is another toxicity issue, since silver is also part of amalgams.

dental work on amalgam fillings during pregancy is a disaster to the fetuses development as they absorb mercury preferentially to the mother.

increased developmental disorder rates in first born children relate strongly to this mercury absorbtion effect from the mothers mercury reservoirs and ongoing mercury accumulation. the fetus is blotting paper for mercury.

i have a  dentistry  page

efas and particularly omega 3 oils, are very important during pregnancy.

adequate iodine has a huge bearing on the childs intelligence and nous, and lack of iodine can give rise to cleft palate and the like, as iodine seems to be responsible for the differentiation and movement of organs and body parts in the fetus

see my  iodine  page

be careful the need for pregnancy comes out of health and not out of toxicity and illness

contrary to what you might think the mothers toxicity/illness gives rise to a lot of pregnancies

a minimum of a year and a half before conception after the last amalgam filling is removed is needed and also sustained good health imo

the new player on the block with pregnancy is being able to have good health over winter, being viral all winter and pregnant is not going to give a healthy intelligent child

an unfortunate side effect of the pill is that it turns upside down a womans sense of her mates genetic MHC (major histocompatibility complex - the way the immune system works), resulting in many poor parental genetic matches in todays world, with children with genetically dysfunctional immune systems

it's really the strongest factor in wether a woman likes a man or not, and a woman off the pill should really like the smell of her mate and this indicates that the genetic combining of the MHC's is likely to result in robust children.

previous research indicates people and other animals are attracted to the smell of potential mates with MHCs that are foreign rather than self. parents with different MHC variants produce children with more MHCs and thus stronger immune systems.

a thread from healing crow (5th july 04)

BTW, the totally natural method of contraception is natural family planning. It is a method of monitoring your cycle yourself so you know when you ovulate. it is totally free of any side effects! Blessings  j.

my reply:

the latest research has shown in fact that women ovulate several times a month which is of course why the rhythm method is only partially successful

the other interesting thing that new research has shown that eggs are made throughout the reproductive years

female fertility is quite aggressive.

a's reply:

Some people seem to tolerate birth control while SCD and others don't. It would have to be something you trial and error for yourself. I can't stop taking birth control or I go into a terrible flare.

I only know one woman who practices natural family planning (nfp/billings method?) diligently and she has six children. YIKES!   A.

d's reply:

Hi Andrew,

(quoting andrew:) "if you read my post new research shows that ovulation occurs more than one time a month so any natural method is going to miss"

That's not true, The rhythm method will not be reliable but other natural methods are as reliable as the pill, or more so, if the woman simply pays attention to what's going on with her body. Many women don't want to bother, and for those who feel that way, the pill is a better choice if they don't mind the side effects and the health risks. I don't know why you feel that the frequency of ovulation, if ovulationt indeed does occur more than once in a month, would have any influence at all on whether a woman can tell when it happens, if she knows what to look for.

my reply:

well of course i am at a bit of a disadvantage here so it may well be as you say only we are only here because our mothers got pregnant, theres nothing new about birth control and the brain and biology is full of self defeating snares in this matter, like female sex drive seems to be increased at ovulation.


new research shows that eggs can be made in the same way as sperm, that is, ongoing during reproductive life


in utero exposure to loud noise/music is toxic to the developing immune system


sick and injured women having sick and injured children is a modern paradigm. THINK FIRST !!!!!!!! if your health is less than up to par can you sustain the burden of rearing a possibly unhappy and permanently traumatised child?

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