these are my views on history or current affairs

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japan really lost the war well before pearl harbour with the rape of nanking

apart from the humanitarian aspect, it signaled japan’s inability to integrate subject populations into its own war effort

by contrast the roman empire was extremely successful at this, even to the extent of having ethnically non-roman emperors

neither germany nor napoleon need have failed in russia had they also done this

is there a paradigm of excessive religiosity whereby the state becomes too weak to defend itself as in the case of tibet and possibly the byzantine empire

interestingly, i wonder if that was a deep structure reason for the  english reformation

i have been looking at videos of russian orthodox ceremonies and the occasional "patriarch" missive, its very off-putting and the failure of the church to have any sort of contact with everyday reality was part of the reason for the revolution

the church is now just empty formality, a freak of subsidy created by the current russian government and armed services

how russian politics really works ,  fascinating

i think putin is doomed, he can’t control the dissemination of this video and he can’t kill or imprison people like stalin/ aka "the butcher" was able to

however the preoccupation of this top "clique" with wealth and good living is in effect a saving grace, there is no return to the unspeakable brutality of the soviet years with the "ascetic joe"

if putin had any sense he would quietly turn his "palace" into a high class hotel/country club, it looks a nightmare/ madman’s folly and when he loses power, its one of several options of what will happen to it, another being a sort of state residence

i don’t think he’s mad, at least no more that a lot of power and money makes men, he is in reality a product of the years  of deprivation  induced by the soviet union and WW2 ,  an illuminating personal example of why communism is always doomed in the long run, personal material wealth is a central focus of human existence

it seemed to me donald trump’s personality changed after covid and the “experimental” monoclonal antibody cocktail he was given

personality change from covid induced brain damage is possible and not an unreasonable inference given his “advanced ” age

biden had given a public opinion about his not supporting continued legal action against trump, its just insane what happened from trump’s own view, he was already out of the frying pan and fire and just jumped in again

the russian orthodox church has never recovered from the revolution, just an empty form, it lacks the rich cultural context it once had

russia has never recovered from yeshov, beria and stalin, three pieces of work you never want to see in your lifetime, though of course they exist today in lesser scope in various places

so many of its best people were taken out of the genetic pool

the "monolith" craze i think is ideologically indebted to the kaaba, a rather crazy, empty idea

the  battle of midway was surprisingly evenly matched, both sides with very deep deficits and strengths

however midway itself was of no strategic significance, all that mattered was the destruction of carriers

the japanese made a fatal mistake which cost them three of their carriers  (ultimately all)  and that was to have all their fighters sortied against a wave of american TBD devastator torpedo bombers leaving the japanese carriers without protection from three dive bomber attacks coming from other directions

one of the artifacts of the meiji era was the replacement of aristocratic competence with bureaucratic seniority to the huge detriment of any able military leadership which japan paid dearly for in WW2 and the problem still persists today, the fukushima disaster is another example and was actually worse than midway when you look at genetic damage to the population

WW1 ,  like WW2 was a forgone conclusion and only nuclear weapons and modern communications have prevented WW3

war is an interesting extreme, because it takes everything to the limit which is death and maiming

the genetic constructs that impel human territoriality expect and require this

there’s murderous sons of bitches out there

they just want to kill

without regard to the consequences for themselves

you have to give credit where credit is due, the catholic church keeps shooting itself through the head, the foot and the groin

this is what happens when you have an organisation run by enfeebled greying/whitening men

900 years ago european country boundaries were moved and armies raised by popes and heretics burnt alive

theologically it was always pretty vacuous, but that’s irrelevant when you have the coercive power of the state behind you

nowadays just the vacuity is left and it is starting to show in spades

they got an extra four hundred years of validity from those jews, teresa of avila and john of the cross

i think mother teresa was an exemplar of today’s religious paradigm, riddled with inconsistencies that are ultimately invalidating

i have a feeling she realised this, she was caught in some sort of transition she had no control over and was too old to make the necessary changes in her life

new zealand

add a maori word

and its a done deal

the ocean was not crossed

by this nonsense

my  comment

its interesting that this emphasis on each language having intrinsically different "values" or authenticity has its roots in a dispute about what language is going back to the 1950’s

noam chomsky’s  view of langauge is as an organic development springing from genetic constructs being the "a priori" condition with no particular "priority" on the external form, eg japanese compared to english

the other view is more of language as a system of philosophy that has developed and hence is amenable to a ranking of order in terms of quality, eg maori being supposed somehow to be more "authentic" than english

new zealand bureaucracy with its characteristic wrong mindedness has of course plumbed for the latter view burdening the population with a neurolgically very costly and futile multilingual burden, when plainly the interests of social cohesivenss and utllity are best served by monolingualism

i will point out that nothing is lost by only having one language even in terms of other cultures since all langauages are basically  (though not quite)  interchangable, indeed the preservation of a culture will be enhanced by monolingualism since members of the culture are no longer labouring under the high neurological costs of multilingailism, nor having constant defections of younger generations out of the minority subculture since they are forced to make a choice in terms of the benefit of the dominant language

different cultures are in effect social stories which do represent different philsosphies and therefore, unlike language have prioriites of value

you might contrast pacifist versus "war mongering" subcultural differences in germany prior to WW1, clearly, from any point of view in the light of what happened, the pacifist subculture had a higher "value" than the other

interestingly the effect of the internet has been to enforce the dominance of english and form a "uni-western" culture to such an extent that the englsih speaking countries are starting to meld political and defence systesm creating the dominant geo-political grouping, just as well for australasia i’d say in its over-vulnerable exposure to china

"brexit" can be seen in this light

its interesting to consider that the disasterous politics of central europe may spring at its root from the high degree of multilingualism that just living there enforces to communicate, that the neurological cost of "multi-lingualism" there, while havihg an obvious benefit also has a pentalty of a lack of objective thinking about what are more optimal solutions to the cultural and racial mish-mash

i always find the way the post communist russian government brought back the imperial symbolism "lock stock and barrel" quite amusing, like the soviet years and communist ideology never existed

mao tse-tung

history’s bloodiest hyperlexic

stalin had a good piece of advice

if they are not for you, they are against you

interestingly, after his wife comitted suicide he took the view this applied to his wife’s family and he had them killed or imprisoned

he can’t have been too abnormal emotionally because his wife’s death deeply affected him, more so than just about anything else i think

if there was one thing that catalysed the murderous demonism of the rule of lenin and stalin, it was the execution of the children of the tsar

there were now no boundaries

innocents killed

russia lost its innocence

bloody diamonds


the toxic  lead-up  to the meiji era

not science fiction but the  real mars ,  a planet with not enough gravity, no liquid water, unbreathable atmosphere and no magnetosphere to protect against cosmic rays and energetic particles from the sun

sergei korolev  who spent several months in a gulag gold mine in the kolyma area, lucky to come alive out of there i would say

soviet russia suffered from the same problems as nazi germany, the destruction of the most productive portion of its middle class

a knowledge of history gives

a relaxed perspective

about current events

stability follows turmoil

and turmoil follows stability

you don’t need to know much more

hannibal is accounted a military genius, but he wasn’t, only a fool takes on an unbeatable enemy on their own terms which was all his invasion of italy could ever be

and missed the key feature of the problem, rome’s supremacy at sea

surely seafaring cultures like the phoenicians and carthaginians were could have risen to the challenge with the appropriate resources and redeveloped their galleys ?

i suppose the financial and organisational might of the roman empire made the prognosis certain, better to have sued for peace despite the necessary concessions


where old men

chuck away the lives

of young men

without too much thought

the problem with martin heidegger as a philosopher is he was a believing nazi who never changed his views and was in fact a subtle war criminal who should have been executed at the nuremberg trials, but as i say the scale and type of offence is too subtle for the world to grasp

the usa made no attempt to indoctrinate japan after WW2 in the way they did to germany and courted one of its biggest  war criminals   (the emperor was another)  to meet its own political ends of gaining the countries support in the cold war

it explains a lot about how japan is today and yukio mishima was not entirely a crazy anomaly, though dated

unbelievable, rommel wasn't such a great general, what he had was the advantage of detailed tactical information on what the british were doing because the italians and germans could read the code transmissions by the US military attaché  bonner fellers

adolf hitler  rocking  at the 1936 olympics

that was before he got  into drugs ,  more like an "autistic rock"

pervertin wasn’t developed until a year after the 1936 olympics

bill gates rocks too

a salutary lesson about ezra’s pound’s later life is the extreme extent to which he manufactured his troubles

the italians weren’t keen on him broadcasting, nor was wartime italy friendly to him, and yet he stepped out against the current into what ruined his reputation and put him in danger of the death penalty

his fame worked against him, yet also saved him because of his supporters who were able to get him incarcerated in a mental asylum rather than face charges of treachery

how much simpler to have made a rational assessment of his beliefs and the likely outcome of any war, but of course he was quite schizophrenic by that point and had made the mistake of migrating from the much more interesting "literary schizophrenia" into the dull moronacy of "state and politcal belief sanctioned schizophrenia"

writers, poets and philosophers engage with politics at their peril, its too strong a brew

we have the genetic coding for the deep structure of language, we don’t have it for a specfic implementation, wars are born from this, i won’t call it a failure

one of the primary reasons for a religion which is no longer understood in the western world because of the separation of state and church was a belief in the afterlife making men ready to die for their country or cause

this goes right back to the ancient egyptians

its interesting that the soviet union was so brutal to retreating soldiers in the battlefield or even just their own men being taken prisoner and returning was necessary because of this lack of belief in the afterlife and extreme force was required to coerce men to put their own lives in danger

ISIS plays up the afterlife  (one particularly appealing to young men)  heavily, but its dissonant in today’s world and a reason it only exists as a fringe minority

we are less than rational creatures, underlying beliefs, however wrong still can have strong influences on behavior

the heft of hollywood was the emigration of  jewish artistic  talent from europe fleeing the nazis, it created an intense pool of talent not seen before or after and still has echoes today

greta garbo and marie dressler in  anna christie

garbo’s friend  salka viertel  plays marthy owens in the german language version

greta garbo’s  letters  to salka viertel

for those that remember the shah and the revolution ,  this article  offers some interesting perspectives

i think the situation of the mafia is all changed compared to twenty or thirty years ago and modern technology actually favours the FBI so the mafia are on a backfoot somewhat, the day of the large crime organisations is over, at least in places like the usa

there’s an interesting contrast between the marvellous engineering of the  gun turrets  of the yamoto and the incompetence of the politics and naval command that it was in service of

how can these gun turrets have been got so right yet the strategic management of the war been so wrong minded ?

i think its that you have a very defined function and closed feedback loops with respect to its performance whereas strategy involves predicting the future and that’s a very fraught area

the severely depressed captain of flight MH370, Zaharie Shah, killed the passengers and co-pilot by locking the co-pilot out of the cockpit, depressurizing the cabin and flying to a higher altitude

a well planned suicide and not such  a mystery  now

typical japan, hounding carlos ghosn for doing nothing remarkable in the way of graft by japanese standards, but not a single person responsble for the fukushima disaster has been touched

religion now is nothing compared to what it was in the middle ages

even soviet level social control wasn’t a patch on religion because everybody believed the religion ,  but nobody believed the soviet nonsense

when you look at religion now, you are just looking at the smoking wreck of some grand human marvel

elizabeth the first  hit the ground running, becoming queen at age twenty-five, it was some feat to have survived to that point and she went on to become a brutal and effective monarch, skilled enough to die at the late age of 69, possibly of lead poisoning from her make-up

the question is how was she able to steer with such a skillful hand, one that really required several lifetimes to have been lived

well  she read tacitus  and so lived through the lessons of a particularly murderous period of rome’s political history

i think actually it was the combination of stalin and beria that made their rule so lethal, without their combined and mutually compensatory competence the regime would have fallen apart

bad luck for russia of course

when stalin started to threaten beria and the politburo, they were forced to have him killed

the most amazing thing about the japanese effort in WW2, was that such a small country was so  well prepared  to fight the russo-japanese war again

that’s a lot of hardware and lives at the bottom of the ocean

interestingly russia was the same problem for hitler as napoleon and their  “ solution ”  ie invasion, worked for neither of them

the most glaring deficiency of the german airforce in WW2 was the lack of a four engined long ranged bomber capable of reaching the soviet union’s armaments manufacturing plants, yet the first flight of the american B-17  “ flying fortress ”  was in 1935

the senior levels of the luftwaffe were startlingly incompetent

both germany and japan failed to surrender when it was apparent all was lost, this is in contrast to the usual pragmatism of losing and winning sides throughout history

i think this was due to communications technology enabling a degree of social control that resulted in the war going far beyond what was reasonable

russia’s disaster with its nuclear powered cruise missile shows that a new treaty is needed to stop the development of these weapons which literally spew significant amounts of radioactive material in their exhausts, so much so that you could design one to do just that and it would be a very effective threat and likely to be used

i think there’s an underlying social issue with china and other asian countries not charging for the environmental cost of their labour and this has created an anti-repair attitude

china has to become a democracy to address its future of enviromental devasation

from mishima to mitsurugi the only thing the japanese seem to have learnt from world war two is to want more of the same

well they got it in part in fukushima, the usual incompetent hierarchies

no wonder the relation between saudi arabia and isis is so ambiguous, isis is wahhabi

islam is a form of nestorian christianity and a now long defunct form of christanity called   “ tritheism ”  which was competing with islam at the time has earnt the ire of the koran

once you understand the position of the koran as a polemic against  “ the father, son and holy ghost ”  christian schema, it makes much more sense

i don’t usually post what might be construed as a political oponion but i was looking at this interview of  roman polanski  and it opened up an aspect i hadn’t previously considered which is closure for the relatives affected

i am now in favour of the death penalty because its not possible for the relatives of the victim to have closure while the perpetrators are still living

i suspect this is hardwired into our brains given what history says in this area

also society needs to make a reference point in touch with what really happens and the imposition of effective consequences

traitors like julian assange should face the death penalty too

the above opinons do not make me right wing, its an objective look at how a society functions and of course opinions go into the sea of nothingness

if you read history and the endless circuses and mock and real tragedies that occur, you wouldn’t have the slightest concern with contemporary politics except in so much as it affects you

unsurprisingly this is how most people operate, even without the historical insight

people who don’t look at history

are imprisoned   by the present

a relative has just been in vietnam saying she had a wonderful time, but vietnam always sounds weird to me being brought up during its war

angkor wat failed because it got drier, rather like what happened to the aztecs at their peak, not enough rainfall to support the irrigated agriculture those sorts of hierarchical  “ temple ”  societies depended on

when stalin got to hell the devil brought up ivan the terrible and genghis khan so they could all bow down before stalin

as the three bowed to him, stalin raised an eyebrow and asked

where’s hitler ?

i have a feeling donald trump  stepping across  the DMZ into north korea is way more significant than appears, i’m not quite sure why

the real problem of iran having nuclear weapons is not actually having them, but keeping them out of the hands of  “ terrorists ”  since the so called government is in fact a temporary alliance of competing militia

you can imagine the chaos and destruction the possession of several atomic bombs could wreak with a single minded ideologically driven militia

trump is uneven, but he has this one right, at least in identifiying a real problem

sepehr  replies

why don’t you mention the fact that israel has illegal nukes.  i believe israel is more destabilizing than even iran

my  reply

the israel nukes are government controlled, the problem with iran is that it still doesn’t really have an all powerful central government

mutually assured destruction works, provided the parties involved have a sane perception of self-interest

the disaster of world war two for russia, is having perfected a killing machine like no other before the war, the war then offered a human mincer that could never be filled

the killing machine shovelled so many russian lives into it that russia has never recovered

inadvertent genocide

london was significantly bombed during world war one



the british must have been blind in the approach to world war two as to what was about to happen

oddly the germans obviously had the potential to develop what was a huge deficit in their world war two arsenal, the   long range  bomber

its intrinsic to any form of public health system or subsidy that a strong degree of triage occurs that does not favour the patient

conversely there is not enough triage for the wealthy who can get saddled with problematic or not necessarily useful interventions

there’s a lot of these homemade  war films  on the web made by germans

they are very depressing and not very accurate depictions of combat, but the one lesson the germans seem to have taken from two disasterous world wars of their own making is a lot of their own young men get killed

they don’t seem to question the why or benefit of the fighting

you would think one world war was enough

interestingly the iranians and iraqs seem to have gone through the same learning curve

interestingly japan had the most advanced atomic bomb program at the start of the war, if they had combined their efforts with the germans  “ high castle ”  could have been a reality and we would all now be talking about the brave and courageous efforts of the japanese and germans during the war and how mistaken the west and russia were in going to war against these   “ superior ”  peoples

however the japanese naval command who the atomic bomb project worked for starved it of resources and instead built huge waste of time gigantic battleships and submarines because in their minds they were still fighting the russo-japanese war

george c. marshall is the unsung hero of organising the allied war effort

all the insanity of the third reich was  condensed  in the last weeks/days in the bunker, i notice the neo-nazis are quite and i guess knowingly ignorant of what went on

given the role of religion in japan in WW2, its no wonder the japanese are now so cynical about shinto and buddhism, they used to be highly superstitious

same thing happened with christianity with the disaster area of the crusades

islam has always been more or less successful and so the cynicism is not there

the most fascinating fact i find about adolf hitler is he was deliberately childless and it wasn’t as though he disliked them

murdering millions including germans, yet deliberately childless

something wrong in heaven and earth i’d say

the next most fascinating fact is how he had eva braun’s brother-in-law shot in the last days in the bunker and eva’s preoccupation in her last hours was trying to keep this information from her sister

these neo-nazis are oblivious to any in depth research on their hero

going back in time and killing hitler is a common science fiction scenario, its assumed to be a good thing, but you should ask, how could things be worse without him ?

a germany that didn’t discrimate against jews and with a more functional leadership could have developed an atomic bomb and you have the possibility of the usa, germany, russia and japan all developing the atomic bomb around the same time and given the sorts of mindsets going on then, a widespread atomic war could have been a possibility

martin heidegger’s weakness was he never studied history so he had to find out the hard way philosophy and political ideas don’t mix

philosophy is the abnegation of life, not its twisting into gain

the central problem of nuclear weapons that the cuban missile crisis revealed was the loss of central control over the firing of the weapons, the soviets were so scared of what might happen in cuba they kept all their russian territory based missiles stood down to send an unmistakable message to the americans

this problem is what drives current policies and the problem with iran getting nuclear weapons is their lack of central control over them

modern china has some interesting characteristics, the recreation and obliteration of the past

the  restoration  of the qianlong emperor’s retirement lodge

the qianlong emperor governed when  ‘ the dream of red mansions ’  was written and he was a patron of giuseppe castiglione

cetainly a time of the flowering of chinese culture

the problem with fighting in a war is death  is too random

religion is a conversion of the true strangeness of infinity into the dull moronacy of mediocracy

religion is the conversion of the true strangeness of infinity into the dull moronacy of mediocracy

stalin’s problem wasn’t just his brutality, but that it was co-joined to a religious adherence to an economic philosophy so contrary to millennia of human experience as to what works that  “ brutality ”  as a platonic  (plutonic!)  ideal was allowed to   “ flower ”

so much of human  “ disaster ”  can be attributed to its running roughshod over areas that are strange to its ways and thinking

theresa may is not margaret thatcher, a failed image

there is some mythologizing of vladimir lenin as  “ saintly ”  and it all went wrong after him, but he was not  a nice person

murder is the origin of socialism

honestly, the american public education system is just turning out a very low reading age, they are taught to dislike anything intelligent or  “ stretches ”  them

i don’t know why the japanese are so obsessed with  reliving  world war 2 in their entertainment and unfortunately with real life disasters like fukushima

a society in distinct need of cartharsis

monoculture is a disease

i never realised the  battle of gaza  was so destructive to the british, the incompetent generalmanship was the background to lawrence of arabia’s efforts

you can see  the seeds  of disaster of two world wars here, a maelstrom gathering strength, militarism, an insane social hierarchy and the stupidity of crowds

is the public school system in the u.s.a. self destructing ?

a reddit  post

“ A few things to consider about public versus private schools

You cannot control for the parenting received by the other children.  Public school batches together peacefully-raised children with children who are physically and verbally abused.  This is the source of most bullying: abused children are  “ paying forward ”  their abuse onto more peaceful kids.  Even worse, if your kid defends him/herself, they are punished equally due to stupid SJW disciplinary policies.

Unless you get into a magnet school, the quality is pretty meh.  Class curriculum is calibrated to the mean of the IQ curve.  If your kid is smarter than average, then they are bored and miserable. This is even worse if your child is a boy, as boys don't do well with the dominant  “ sit still and shut up ”  model

Neo-Liberal/SJW/radical egalitarian ideas are baked into the curriculum at this point. Here is a quote taken directly from the AP English Language guidelines:

The assigned Reading facilitates informed citizenship and thus increases students' capacity to enter into consequential conversations with others about meaningful issues.

Rather than, say, training English skills, the education establishment sees it as their JOB to train the next generation of Social Justice Footsoldiers... oh, sorry  —   “ facilitate informed citizenship ”  according to their own definition of  “ informed ”

This all happened within the past 10 years; the neo-Marxist politicization of school is accelerating. If your child is young, like under 12, do you think this trend is going to magically reverse as they move towards high school ?

Please take this seriously :  I worked in education for six years, and quit in disgust over what I was seeing.  In America, unlike Europe, you still retain the freedom to opt-out... for now.  I highly, highly suggest you use that freedom ”

“ in both rats and humans, the cannabis affected many different sperm genes involved in two different pathways

ed.  think of pathways as another set of instructions, this time for regulating various bodily functions

one is important for organs to reach  full size , and one plays a role in cancer and suppressing tumors ”

the odd thing is ,  japan had the most advanced nuclear bomb program at the start of the war, if they had joined forces with the germans, together they could have well developed one at the same time as the americans, but instead, the opportunity was only minimally resourced and the navy instead built huge inappropriate warships and submarines

japan had and still has a deep cultural problem of seniority overriding competence at the highest levels

anders breivik was seeking to impose his view of how the world should be rather than change his thinking

this is such a human thing

the reason for our constantly trying to impose on the world is that the minimal degree it can be imposed upon still has an orders of magnitude better energy benefit than structural change in ourselves

mental illness and international politics can be defined by their total inability to garner any energy benefit from structural neurological change

hitler wasn’t personally cruel, gentle even, he just had these ideas others implemented for him

throughout history there have been women rulers, they were really good at the mechanisms of power, rulers don’t rule for your benefit but their own

that they stay in power is due to some compromises made for the general public benefit

basically hitler and the nazis rose to power because they forcibly took a license to rob then destroy the most productive part of the population, they had always lost the war before they even started

hitler was more of  a mixed bag  than the way he is painted today

fukushima is illustrative of why the japanese lost world war two, incompetence at the highest levels

napoléon was a victor by virtue of running a meritocracy, only he couldn’t quite pick 100% and  villneuve  was one and it doomed him, the french and spanish failure at  trafalgar  was the long term loss of the control of continental europe

a very  interesting  series on the napoléonic wars

napoléon was off his rocker fighting the battle of waterloo, he was well outnumbered and then crazily moved into a situation where he could be exposed to two armies on two flanks

one of the miracles of the roman empire was the way it encompassed different language groups in relative harmony

its the culture that must have been the cement

nazism was a product of a combination of technologies that permitted a huge concentration of power in the hands of one man or a small group

the flawed decision making that resulted from this was to the detriment of everyone

the technogy  “ flux ”  today has the permissive empowerment of dissent that will not permit the empowerment of doctrines like nazism again

islam, is quite simply, a social control theology designed to keep the reins tight on subjected populations

the problem the catholic church has, is its so much rubbish why would you be a priest except you have some hidden agenda

we all know what the hidden agenda is !

the american world war two effort was incredibly intelligent, from the outset of the war, even though they were not yet at war they were gearing up for war production and actually the efficiency of this was faciliated by not being at war yet

george c. marshall  is one of the unsung heroes of world war 2  !

bismark can have never anticipated the disasters to follow his successful work in unifying germany

his work was used by idiots to their supposed advantage

he gave them good advice they always ignored

‘ english speaking countries will act together in war ’

i really take an historical view, people don’t understand how life and institutions work without being knowledgeable about history

any army is so many clones

marxism denies the role of competence in the accumulation of wealth and its proposal that fiat can replace it is as wrong a call as you can get

no horror story can match medieval torture and no dystopia can match stalin’s rule

nicholas the second would have to be the most useless person possible to have become czar ,  99% of the population of russia would have done a much better job than him

well, i suppose history is full of incompetent rulers whose failures lead to disaster

though theoretically the succession was hereditary, there was always a lot of wiggle room as to who actually gained the reins of power and its an interesting question as to why an obvious incompetent was never challenged ?

it must have been that the system despite its obvious flaws peaked in the degree of social control, an unfortunate example the bolsheviks were to follow with their own cruel twists

technology had delivered a degree of quietude as to who was actually czar to a degree nicholas’s predecessors can have only marvelled at and an ominous rumbling heralding the twentieth centuries many great governmental failures where the madness of various insane social control tableaus triumphed over common sense

basically the rise of nazi germany and communisim was due to technology creating an opportunity for extreme social control to prosper at the expense of a more hard edged rationalism

today with the internet things have changed again with strong technological biases against any ideological/theological social control and local and international poltics are slowly following suit

strong fragmented polticial groupings within what used to be socially controlled homogenity is now the order of the day, a trend which can only be expected to accelerate

heidegger was a better historian than philosopher ,  this view of technologically driven social shapes of governement is his

not everyone  is a bastard

christianity predated st. paul and interestingly, islam may be descended from that early christianity

religion is gaslighting on a cultural scale

stalin and lennin were social philosophers, they picked the one that works least and had to embark on a campaign of wholesale murder to enforce it

the moment you take the pressure off, things spring back to what they were, at least to the extent possible

there’s a lot of crazy sides to the holocaust, one of which is the damage done to germany’s middle class ensured it could never win the war and another is judaism still survives, yet such an event definitively invalidates the religion in its own terms

go figure

history teaches scepticism about social attitudes and politics, i’m with thomas hobbes !

history teaches scepticism about social attitudes and politics

the  strangeness  of being kim jong-un

he is caught in a cleft stick, for military strength and survival of the country, he and others of the ruling clique need to open up the country economically

but to do so will mean a loss of control that will hold them accountable for their what are in effect war crimes against their own populus

they can’t  “ denuclearise ”  because their primary purpose is to hold off the chinese who are a more likely invader than south korea !

we are in for changes in a long running drama about why stalinism doesn’t work !

i think  cocaine  is everywhere now, its epidemic !

war in the congo, this  shakes you  up !

its like vietnam, the ground cover reduces the effectiveness of air strikes  so local militias are hugely empowered against the state !

in the ambush at the end the insurgents targeted the colonel specifically, how did they know ?

nothing justifies dying on a battlefield in your prime, this is why state supported religions create fictious systems of justification, from ancient egypt to isis

one of winston churchill’s astutest moves was to nix any assassination attempts on hitler, perhaps because of the lesson of his own disasterous interference in the admiralty at the beginning of the war

both stalin and churchill learnt the lesson of not interfering too greatly in the armed services operations, hitler never did dooming german efforts !

interestingly, churchill was a   power user of propaganda !

stalin couldn’t kill his mother or his daughter.  he half killed one of his sons, everybody else was fair game


surreal ,  another the death  of stalin  !

the chinese communist party had its origins in the boxer rebellion and now the new emperor  ( 2018  —  xi jinping )  has been annointed !

working class or peasant rebellions are always doomed through a lack of intelligent leadership !

a lot of one’s concerns are effete compared to  the reality  in syria

what  dreary  stupid people

upper class england

history makes sense of the world in ways contemporary views can never touch

neo nazis know nothing  of history

i think why the underlying problem of north korea having nuclear weapons is the intense focus and instability of decision making at the senior level due to the kim personality cult !

basically north korea will have to change its system of government and that of course is being strenuously resisted !

over centralization of power was also behind the fiascos of the german and russian war efforts in world war II, though stalin eventually conceded his ineptitude and let the generals run the war !

basically north korea’s development of potentially effective ballistic nuclear weapons is re-igniting the korean war and you can’t pretend its not happening !

hmm   .   .   it was no wonder archimedes  was killed ,  the romans wanted vengance !

his artillery engines and grappling hooks made what should have been a pushover into  a nightmare  !

interestingly archimedes seemed to understand  “ defense in depth ”  !

the interesting thing about carl von clausewitz is he was basically a failure as a military man, his one big success in perusading the prussians to abandon the french grande armée and join the russian - german legion was more of a diplomatic coup

but his insights on war were born of defeat and failure which is really the truest base for understanding, the insight that springs from success is limited !

failure follows success as night follows day !

samurai culture is just some nonsense about  “ honour ”  used to justify mindless banditry and  “ thieves culture ”  !

the nazis, for a goup so keen on white supremacy didn’t see any contradiction apparently for the second time in embarking on a war so depleting of these races finest !

the glaring deficiency in the german invasion of russia was the lack of a four engined long range bomber which mean the germans were unable to target russian factories in the urals

they didn’t need better tanks, indeed the later models were ill suited because of their high maintenance needs and were difficult to service

if they didn’t quickly conquer they were doomed !

learning an unnecessary extra or second language fucks people up !

the internet has turned acting into a volunteer profession, the rash of denunciations of sexual coercion by film directors at the moment (2017/18)  is really about there not being enough money or work to keep the lid on !

acting has gone the way of book writing and publishing and photography, all entirely  “ volunteer ”  activities now !

the  theoretical and historical  origins  of ISIS ?

  “ ibn taymiyyah, a noted theologian of his times, developed his blatantly racist concept of takfir  :  that is to say inferior muslims against whom jihad was permissible, precisely in response to mongol muslims ”

contemporary politics only appears significant because people have no notion of history

one interesting and unintended side effect of the nuremberg race laws was the removal of jews from the wehrmacht resulted in a subtle lack of effective strategic thinking at all levels to the point where any infantryman was a better strategist than what actually happened !


to be fair to adolf, operation barbarossa could have possibly succeeded if they had marched rapidly and directly on just moscow while soviet tank production was still low !

even in the very early stages, german troop losses were too high to be sustained !

the writing was on the wall within days of the start of the invasion !

a measure of the intelligence of iosif was that he had nikolai varfolomeev arrested only after he had handed in his draft to the publisher of his famous  ‘ the evolution of operational art ’ ,  foundational for russian strategy in world war II !

he was arrested within days of handing it in and later died in prison in 1941 !

hmm, a stalin  parody

the startling resembance of north korea to george orwell’s novel  1984  is rarely mentioned in media, presumably because of the lack of public familiarity with the book ?

at its extreme is the public execution in 2013 of eleven musicians who were tied to the nozzles of anti-aircraft guns and blown apart for making a pornographic video !

“ The escapee then  recalled  how the guns were fired one by one, saying  :  The musicians just disappeared each time the guns were fired into them

Their bodies were blown to bits, totally destroyed, blood and bits flying everywhere

Afterwards, Hee Yeon said tanks moved in and ran over the pieces of the victims’ bodies

She added  :  The tracks of the tanks were run over the remains and blood repeatedly, over and over again and made to grind the remains, to smash them into the ground until there was nothing left ”

i think the unstoppable immigration in the u.s.a. has made unskilled labour almost worthless !

the anti-rascist confessional meme sweeping through certain sections of american society is just the trauma of the collapse of the white middle class and them getting used to the new poverty

if you are going to say what world war 2 was about, it was the tension between the nazi decimation of its middle classes that ensured its defeat and the victory by more rational parties

while russia had decimated its army leadership and the middle class had long been gone, stalin made a decision after successive disasters from his own decision making to leave the control of the war to his generals, a strategy that basically worked though they had very heavy losses

the monarchy is a british middle class fetish !

kamikaze, each one was the death of a young man while the old ones still lived

reddit seems to be unduly composed of the insane and retarded, how do you get that ?

well  this graph  shows how

in any population .1% are going to be off the wall crazy, on reddit a tenth of a percent post 12% of the comments, so you can see what happens !

it applies particularly to message boards and the net, but perhaps also to politics, small populations of crazy by vociferous and disproportionate input form incredible real world biases !

hitler was the atomic bomb that blew up in germany !

history opens one’s eyes as to the reality of politics !

politics is like some mania of the present but historical studies give perspective !

both kim jong-un and his father kim jong-il could see the problems with the way things were going, but decided to continue the same way anyway !

in fact kim jong-un is creating a situation favouring the west at the expense of china and all the west can do is lie low and see the way things break !

in terms of blackmail by far the largest population within their medium range ballistic missile reach is china !

an interesting  read

my mother and her siblings and mother were evacuated from auckland because of an expected japanese invasion  (my grandfather was fighting in the western desert campaign, it ruined his health)  and a woman who was a family friend had been interned in a camp as a child by the japanese

its not an abstract issue  “ down under ”

i was really shocked having done zen in a hakuun yasutani lineage to see his ultra nationalism, it really opened my eyes as to people in zen being toxic and clueless !

oddly about 15 years ago i met a guy here who spent the war in  changi prison ,  his only comment was a bit mysterious,   ‘ you really only learn about people when you work alongside them ’  !

i had a japanese friend shimpi at primary school in auckland  (it was anglican and i was boarding, king’s school actually) ,  his father was there on business, i remember going to their home once, i fiddled with the shrine they had in the house and couldn’t put it back the way i found it ! : o)

the class bully was getting a bit out of hand hitting people, so shimpi and i waylaid him and gave him a good trashing  .  .   he never touched us again !

°       °       °       °       °       °       °       °       °

yeah bayoneting pregnant women, the nanking massacre, the thai-burma railway, the zen clergy supported all that, thank-god the imperial navy underfunded their nuclear bomb program or things would have turned out very differently ! !

its like heidegger being as bad as hitler, he and zen provided the supporting ideology for the war, they should all have been hanged !

what was one of the largest mistakes in history ?

the hanging and exile of the decembrists, russia lost its moderate road and we all know what happened !

religion is just endless useless and wrong minded meta !

i would go so far as to say d. t. suzuki was a war criminal, once you start promoting the glory of death for the cause of  “ the greater imperial japan ”  then all else that happens follows !

the japanese management of the war at its top levels was cryingly incompetent, power centralized on idiots, same issues with their invasion of china !

not funding their nuclear bomb program even though it was quite advanced, missing the US aircraft carriers at pearl harbour when they were what really mattered, getting their own carrier fleet sunk by keeping them all together  (go marshal admiral yamamoto) ,  huge resources put into building complete waste of time giant submarines and the failure to integrate china in a productive way into their empire . .

and unbelievably both yamamoto and the emperor  (who had a very significant active role)  thinking they would ultimately lose the war

there is a cultural problem with overdominant hierarchies and power concentration, same issue with fukushima !

you don’t see it in the old ch’an and its there in spades in western zen coming from japanese lineages, just straight militarism really !

most politicians seem to have a degree of borderline personality disorder !

also a lot of wars seem to be entirely pointless, large countries taking on stupid causes that really need quite different resolutions, like afghanistan needs political solutions, not some stupid endless tribal conflict with major powers just getting enmeshed in tribal stuff !

anybody in the armed services kills people one way or another, some direct, others indirectly !

the real danger of warfare today is IEDs and the concussion

there is a huge need for post traumatic stress counsellors/therapists which is basically due to concussive brain damage which because of IEDs is at world war one levels where they used to get all sorts of explosive shit dropped on them in the confined space of the trenches !

an interesting thing about hitler is the allies deliberately didn’t attempt to assassinate him because they valued his leadership incompetence as debilitating to the german/nazi war effort and they weren’t wrong

by killing reinhard heydrich who was devastatingly competent, they showed they could get their man if they wanted to !

my comment in reply to the classic hiroshima photo with the bombed out exhibition hall building dome  (suprisingly designed by the czech architect jan letzel)

just be thankful the japanese spent all their dough on useless giant submarines and gave very little funding to their surprisingly advanced atomic bomb program

if at the start of the war they and the germans had united and given adequate priority to their atomic weapons programs, history would have been changed so much all of us wouldn’t exist

both germany and japan were hobbled by extreme concentration of power and always doomed by the incompetence of their leaders !

“ Nationalist socialism has its own merits ”

yes it killed as many of its own people as others !

its unbelievable what people promote these days !

the way the nazi genocide of the jews disrupted the german and occupied countries middle classes always meant the war was lost for them

the independence struggle of india was relatively benign, but all the violence was in the partition which in hindsight given today’s world might not have been such a bad idea !

the basic thing the net has done is fragment the mass markets

so while everybody is guaranteed an audience  (even me!)  the markets are smaller and less economic and depending on the size don’t support any  (or may permit)  a limited overhead

translation  :  you have to do everything yourself and i must say i have learnt a lot about editing over the years !

linked  without  comment

 one thing that is obvious about international politics is the impossibility of creating limited nice solutions  !

the millennials are an entitled generation

its a strategy born or developmentally acquired in plentitude

why waste energy when the world will deliver all/what you want to your doorstep

the problem arises /problems arise when what you need  (or want!)  is not delivered

you go without, but what i see is the concept of working to gain what is needed  (wanted)  is not there !

personally i think i go the other way too far, get stretched beyond my competence all the time !

an interesting connection between hillary clinton and oliver sacks,   l-dopa  !

basically it gave her extra years of function but now the side effects are becoming overwhelming !

l-dopa, while moderating the symptoms does NOT slow the progression of the disease !

its interesting to compare, at some point stalin stopped running the war  (after horrific losses of many millions of men)  and started listening to his generals and hitler never stopped !

that doomed germany more than anything else !

fascinating mobile phone  photos  of /in north korea !

how many men do you have to  shoot  a day to get RSI in the trigger finger and right arm that needs remedial massage twice a week ?

the reason the germans were so successful when their invasion of russia started was that their diplomatic corp has successfully implanted through supposed leaks etc the idea in stalin’s mind that the red armies officer corp was in a state of fermentation and rebellion against the ruling communists

stalin and the kgb with their usual brutality, had through execution, imprisonment, torture and the gulag pretty well eliminated any effective armed services function at the begining of operation barbarossa with the result that they were routed with incredibly heavy casualites !

stalin must have twigged to this and after the war went for the german diplomats with  a vengance  !

if hitler had not over-ridden his generals advice and allowed the german army to go straight for moscow they would have won within weeks !

a particular factor was not allowing the russians to gear up their tank production, one of the miracles of the war  (for the germans)  was how they were successful with so few tanks and not particularly suited tank designs, their anti-tank weaponry more than evened the balance intially !

another interesting wrong turn is the politburo wasted their opportunity to execute stalin for this disaster, which sealed the fate for a fair portion of them, later execution !

the grand movements of history are surprisingly capricous and have fucked up origins !

there’s no such thing as a sport that doesn’t have a significant injury heft !

interviews  with life term prisoners at the  “ black eagle ”  prison in the urals !

braying  fools

its odd to realise that if hitler had followed his generals advice to go directly for moscow while the summer lasted and not deviate into the ukraine and leningrad campaigns he/germany would have defeated russia quickly and all history and human genetics would be quite different !

 just one man being half right and half wrong and the ability to implement that could have such a big effect !

no wonder winston churchill said hitler was the allies best friend and was elated at the failure of the plot against hitler to kill him !

diplomacy requires a more subtle

sense of ego than politicians generally have

ed.  on ex - pm kevin rudd attempting to gain australian government endorsement for an attempt by him to become UN secretary general !

when rebuffed, he promptly released to the press his half of the correspondence on the matter with malcom turnbull  (the existing prime minster)  proving his unsuitability for the UN post !

i think humans as a species have always been designed to lose a large portion of its male population through warfare  !

the spectacular success of japan in the russo - japanese  war  laid the foundation for their ill fated, bizarre even, strategies for ww2, admiral isoroku yamamoto for instance was an ensign aboard the nisshin and badly wounded in the battle of tsushima, losing two fingers from his left hand !

at the administration or most senior social hierarchical positions ,  japan has always  “taken the cake”

storing spent fuel rods on the roof of the reactor at fukushima

japan led in wwll by an emperor and admiral who didn't believe they could win

not developing its already advanced nuclear bomb program in WW2, but sinking a huge portion of its resources into giant, waste of time submarines

i won the war except i  lost

. .




 what would happen to society, if all organized religion was instantaneously eradicated ?

serious replies only 

it has happened before, communist russia and china

its difficult to reason out, but historically state atheism is a disaster area for the general populace !

i think the species is naturally so murderous that societies need some sort of learned break on those behaviors !

the problem the north korean regime has, is that the logical path of de-escalation and getting along with its neighbours also removes the rationale for the regime's existance...

basically an emergency state of government based on external threat . . well illustrated by the fact that technically the country is still at war with south korea and the  usa !

kim jong-un is crafty and young . .

it's interesting what will/might happen !

i was thinking that the cultural roots of  “ hippyism ”  were actually more upper class aesthetes and bohemian

that is  “ hippy ”  was a lower/working class appropriation of those cultures . .

more recently  “ goths ”  is a lot like aesthetes

religion or subcultures, the species is all about copying and plagiarism . .

these subcultures required time and leisure which the upper class had but post world war  2  filtered down with the increase in wealth . .

in world war two, the germans should have focused on control of the mediterranean and not invading russia, which would have necessitated gaining control of malta and  gibraltar  !

hitler alone may have been responsible for this gross strategic mistake, surprisingly hermann göring advised against an invasion of the united kingdom and instead to take spain and north africa !

such a deep seated mistake at the outset of the war must have been very troubling to competent german decison makers in the military !

there’s a lot of fantasy literature about what would have happened had the nazi's won world war two, but a more realistic scenario is what would have happened if the versailles treaty had been more intelligent and instituted a constitutional democracy with a son of wilhem the second, while not requiring reparations !

with an intact social structure and middle class, and jewish inclusiveness, would a war have still occurred ?

could they then have feasibly invented the atomic bomb first and the world would now be ruled by a german super power ?








occurred ?

the  battle  of moscow, the german army was insanely overextended and the strategic decision making done by hitler loyalists divorced from reality !

i'm starting to think i am insanely overextended !





myself !

i was thinking how stupid the ISIS was/is and inevitably doomed, the root issue is that they have adopted the expansionist islamic paradigm, very successful throughout its history until modernity

but it was originally formulated in the complete absence of air power

“ expansionist islam ”  offers the ready raising of armies, complete control of local populations and even a hierarchical governmental and military leadership competence at its best, but air power defeats all that because of its ability to geographically intrude at will !

it makes the battlefront the whole territory, not just some line of engagement where in front is the enemy’s to be gained and behind is yours to be defended, drones especially amplify the trend !

the strength of islam is complete social control and enough military unity, but these do not avail against an enemy able to intrude and pick targets at will in territory you hold !

in short islam is anti-modernity ,  yet now we have the fact of modernity with its high technological weapons competence and limited social control !

drones have replaced armies !

it's very noticable, how, those who are in effect are absolute rulers have incompetent children and when the ruler dies or gets too old to rule effectively or make needed changes, the state is plunged into bloody chaos

i am thinking of muammar gaddafi  (who actually had one competent son, but that was from his first wife and she and her son were isolated from power which was a pity) ,  saddam hussein and hafez al-assad ,  but history is instructive with endless examples . . .

obviously the genetic lottery that produces children is too random and mixed to give the abilities need to run a country . .

so some  pharaohic lineages  (see  “king tuts family tree” link at the bottom of that page)  of which tutankhamun was one, got around this problem by brothers marrying sisters which keep the ability through must have been comparatively benign rulership and centuries but of course they ran into inbreeding problems with health and deformities in a big way !

it's interesting how a basic genetic principle completely describes and enforces the inherent murderous chaos of human politics, you cannot get healthy politically able offspring from what is usually an able father in the long term !

business empires can be more stable over a generation or two which i think is not an argument for the increased competence of the offspring, but a more stable environment supportive of learned skills compared to the ruthless cutthroatedness and continual unbalance of politics !

the  ISIS's  problem is they have no notion of just fighting a war on one front, they take on  everybody  !

dr. mengele was disturbed by the number of jews with very aryan features ,  in fact i think the aryan featuredness of a lot of jews in the holocast was a very rough edge the nazis glossed over . .

the strongest anti-judaic emnity was in the ukraine and poland and even in poland it took the destruction of the state to unlease the anti-judaic forces !

an interesting titbit,

joseph jughashvili's  (stalin)  real father may have been a weathy merchant !

i wonder if the real raison d'être of world war2 and winners and losers was two very racially coherent societies ,  germany and the japan versus three racially incoherent societies ,  the english had always been a bit of hotchpotch from continental refugee immigration over the centuries ,  the usa obviously a multi sourced immigrant society and russia of course was a very big empire, its leader joseph stalin was actually a georgian  (one of the reasons he was so murderous is that was a traditional georgian way of handling things)

the allies of course made huge mistakes ,  but no terminal mistakes ,  russia of course had huge huge losses  ( the losses of the soviet 1923  birth cohort  in the war were greater than the total british losses )

but japan and germany both screwed their development of the atomic bomb so that inevitably with the war carrying on any length of time they must have lost

germany because the destruction of its jewish middle class also meant the emigration of scientists with the skills needed to develop the atomic bomb

japan was actually very well  postioned  to develop the atomic bomb at the beginning of the war, but the farcical mismanagement by the naval command building huge waste of time warships and giant submarines so starved the atomic development program of resources that it was stillborn !

it's illegal to eat beef in uttar pradesh state !

you can see the difference between india and pakistan, the police have  clamped down  have on this !

“ why do you not write about politics ? ”


r e p l y

it's part of the larger context of history and social trends !

it seems to be a coming thing, our universe in 3D   springs from quantum mechanics in 2D ,  that is our certain unentangled and very separated universe springs from uncertainty and entanglement ! :o)(

try as we might to avoid it ! :o)(

it seems to be a coming thing, our universe in 3D   springs from quantum mechanics in 2D ,  that is our certain unentangled and very separated universe springs from uncertainty and entanglement ! :o)(

talk about inversion of effect  ,    this general   saved beijing and was subjected to the most gruesome death for it ! :o(

i was looking at the history of the  yamato ,  it's just so typically a reflection of the problems of a very vertical/hierarchical society, just a lot of bad decisions beginning to end made by ailing brained idiots, i don't know how  admiral yamamoto  got a reputation for competence, a blundering idiot is the reality !

germany lost the war before they started by the extermination of the most productive portion of their middle class, the jews, and the japanese by the extreme incompetence of its military leadership . .  !

their invasion of china made it obvious they did not know how to run a conquered country in a way productive to their own interests !

fukushima is another example of a senile head controlling a robust body, way more serious than hiroshima for the genetic damage to its population !

 'Amputees pictured at the Royal Victoria Hospital at Netley during World War One

history always varnishes over this aspect  . . !

what stalin and hitler didn't  (and never!)  understood was  ‘ strategic retreat ’  meant you keep your strength to fight another day !

huh,  albert  goering, hermann goering's brother  saved jews  !

actually i don't feel that herman goering was a committed anti-semite giving his upbringing, but rather a political opportunist !

hitler of course married a woman of jewish descent and had children by her !  . .

another thing about about the nazi anti-semitism is the degree to which it was constructed, a fading wave in the face of urbanization that was amplified and swelled into a tsunami of total destruction !

both germany and russia were extraordinarily penalized by having dictators, germany by the destruction of its middle class and russia by the killing and gulagization of its scientific and military intellegenisa and people with experience !

interesting film ,   ( I   II )   subtlely anti-regime I think !

paradoxically one of the reasons the regime is so difficult to remove is that they killed a fair portion of a whole generation of teenage boys in the human wave stupidity in the iran-iraq war !

these boys would have generated the needed changes as adults now, but of course are dead, killed by men living very comfortably off money from corruption and of course their children never fought !

i think the iran-iraq war was for the arab/persian world like world war one for europe, with some strong lessons about the futility and generation destroying nature of that sort of warfare and the loss of your best men who are removed from the breeding pool to leave the unhealthy to continue the species !

that's why hitler and the nazi's were so keen on eugenics and the killing of the unfit to breed, of course with the usual human contradictions they then managed to decimate another generation of their best men and hitler in particular by refusing to let his /the german troops retreat !

the germans learnt second time around, but what it took for that lesson to sink in !

i think the japanese learnt the first time in WW2 !

would you like to be alive with such a poor  quality  of life ?












hitler's secret agenda in/of world war 2 was to kill as many jews as possible and he was quite prepared to sacrifice huge numbers of german soldiers to do that, which was what happened in the eastern campaign !

you were suckers germans and paid a huge price for your anti-semitism ! :o(. ..) .( . .).((.. ))). ( . .) .  .   .

one of the interesting things about the  tape  of the discussion between Mannerheim and hitler in june 1942 is that hitler realised that he had lost the war by taking on more than the germany military could handle with russia !

that's why there is such afuss about this tape ! :o)(

hitler's secret agenda in/of world war 2 was to kill as many jews as possible and he was quite prepared to sacrifice huge numbers of german soldiers to do that, which was what happened in the eastern campaign !

you were suckers germans and paid a huge price for your anti-semitism ! :o(

one of the interesting things about the  tape  of the discussion between Mannerheim and hitler in june 1942 is that hitler realised that he had lost the war by taking on more than the germany military could handle with russia !

hitler's secret agenda in/of world war 2 was to kill as many jews as possible and he was quite prepared to sacrifice huge numbers of german soldiers to do that, which was what happened in the eastern campaign !

you were suckers germans and paid a huge price for your anti-semitism ! :o(

it looks like hyon song-wol was machine  gunned  to death,  kim jon-un's uncle  ( jang sung-taek )  has only escaped  ( in fact executed on the 12th of december 2013 ! )  because he is married to kim kyong-hui, kim jong-il's sister/kim jon-un's aunt

he was a bit of a murderous bastard too, he had his wife's young piano player lover killed during an reign of terror/purge in the late 1990s and inadvertently caused his daughter's suicide from a sleeping pill overdose combined with alcohol in paris where she was studying by preventing his daughter from marrying her north korean lover
   from an ideologically unsound family  ! 

oddly enough , all this is very much in the west's interests because it's really an assertion of korean nationalism against chinese influence !


as it turned out hyon song-wol is still  alive  !

isoroku  yamato's   folly

like all war leaders smart and dumb !






to war !

isoroku  yamato's   folly

like all war leaders smart and dumb !






to war !

the grandfather was anut










anut !


three generations of government of north korea !





the grandfather was anut










anut !


three generations of government of north korea !

how many of these women were  executed  ?





the   rat a tat tat of a machine gun   then .......... nothing?

Aloha `Oe is quite an interesting  song ,  written by a  queen  who might have been better to stick at her real talent :o)

lovely lyrics, too much for kim jong-un's wife?

walter      bagehot

baghot’s    dictum

the real  dynamic  of north korea !

sex on tap with attractive young women for the ruling elite : o ()

“ [...]  state-sponsored prostitution has been in place ever since the days of Kim Jong-un’s grandfather, Kim Il-sung, who, as Mr Martin writes, took his role as “father of the nation” quite literally.

Convinced that impregnating young women would keep him feeling young himself, he sired scores of illegitimate children at secret love nests code named  “Number One”  and  “Number Two”

One part of the Fifth Division, known as the Satisfaction Corps, is dedicated entirely to prostitution, although its members’ parents are told that their children have been sent to work as undercover spies in South Korea ”

the efficiencies    of economies of scale   are the overwhelming dynamic in economics,  therefore free trade works best ! :o)

that the socialist economies of soviet russia and china survived at all was due to these economies of scale occuring in another way, by simplifying and restricting choice, of course the downside was a lack of competition leading to a hideous nightmare of inefficiency and incompetence !

the efficiencies    of economies of scale   are the overwhelming dynamic in economics,  therefore free trade works best ! :o)

north korea, a nation of actors ! :o)

north korea, a nation of actors !

north korea, a nation of actors


schwarzenegger the  success,  actually his biggest mistake was not pardoning  “tookie williams,  it finished him politically,  obviously he lacked the larger sense of vision needed ! 

   kim jong-un a fat man in the country of the thin ! : o) : o(


  kim jong-un, a fat man in the country of the thin ! : o)

 kim jong-un, a fat man in the country of the thin !

kim jong-un, a fat man in the country of the thin


the dome of the florence cathedral, designed and built by filippo brunelleschi , over 4 million bricks :o)

it's interesting that construction and design techniques from the days of the roman empire had been lost, and brunelleschi was able in part to recover some of these by looking at buildings from that period, particularly the pantheon dome : o)

imo the roman empire was destroyed, not by the barbarians, but an influx of new diseases which reduced and impaired the population to a point that a lot of the cultural, military, governance and architectural sophistication was lost !

   north korea,  the chinese friend  that turned out to be the enemy  : o)

beijing is closer than tokyo ! : o )

   north korea,  the chinese friend  that turned out to be the enemy  : o)

the friend that turned out to be the enemy : o)

the friend that turned out to be the enemy

wright’s  law,  first formulated in 1936

it holds that progress increases with experience  —  specifically, that each percent increase in cumulative production in a given industry results in a fixed percentage improvement in production efficiency

you can see this with flat panel computer monitors, the huge increases in functionality and price/performance with massively increasing volume over about 6 years

i was going to say  “capitalism at its best”  but its also a fundamental dynamic of socialist economies with their restricted product ranges but huge volumes of production

stalin ,




   russians  !  : o)




stalin ,




russians  !  : o)